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Good acoustics are our speciality

Seis Akustik is a manufacturer of microphones, digital audio systems, passive speakers and digital DSP Active loudspeaker. We do not develop for the mass market. We develop exclusively for church applications with their special brightness and size. We guarantee the best possible speech intelligibility and a high-quality and natural music transmission in your church. The concept is created individually for each church according to use and room characteristics.

Whether it is determined by measurement as an expert opinion, state-of-the-art EASE simulation or simply as a live presentation in your church - we will show you the successful result even before the actual implementation. Our solution is the custom-made suit for your long-time and reliable sound system. Here the range of technical possibilities is hardly limited. From the small cemetery sound system to the large cathedral with over 50 microphones and a sound surface like a soccer field. Whether passive area sound reinforcement, digital DSP central sound reinforcement or Concert sound reinforcement - we are your partner.